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Being Aware Of The Positive Energy Behind You Can Improve Your Audtions. Written by Terry Berland

Happy Holidays. As the end of the year is usually time for reflecting on goals you have reached and creating new goals, I am giving you a holiday gift reminder of positive energy and positive thoughts. Here are a number of thoughts to keep in mind to send yourself into the reception area with a force of positive energy and comfort.

Remember when you leave your house to audition, you are surrounded by a team of people who are rooting for you. Feel the force of that team.

The Casting Director you are auditioning for is rooting for you. They want and need you to be good. They believe in you and only want the best for you and want you to bring them the best you can.

Your Agent is rooting for you. They are repping and submitting you. Their reputation depends on you and they want you to do a great job. Your agent is keeping up good relationships with casting for communications to be open for you to receive appointments.

Your Manager is rooting for you. Their reputation also depends on you doing a good job. They believe in you. They are not being paid to work for you until you book a job and receive their commission.

The Producer and Director want you to do a good job, as they want lots of good choices.

The competition is not as overwhelming as it appears. When you arrive at the casting towards the end of a day and you see all the sign in sheets, you can see there are about 175 other actors who have been at this audition. Don’t freak out and feel defeated. Stop and do some math. Figure out how many characters we are casting for. Then figure out how many ethnicities the client is considering for each character. If you do the math, you can figure out that in one day we can only see about 20 actors in each category. Not so bad after all.

Didn’t book it? Don’t worry. Another positive thought is that you gave a great audition and if you didn’t book it, casting directors look forward to having you in again.

Accessible communication services and opportunities. We have great breakdown services where we can communicate instantly both through your agents and directly to you. You have a vast array of opportunities ranging from commercials, films, documentaries, television, voice-overs, video games and theatre.

To top it all off, you are in wonderful city rich with anything you want at your fingertips. You can get great headshots at varying costs, acting classes http://www.berlandcasting.com/oc/ support jobs and networking opportunities.

You are part of a team. Actors, Casting Directors, Producers, Directors. The formula would not be complete without you.