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Starting your career as a casting director

As with the most of the entertainment jobs, if you want to become a casting director, the path is not that easy. You have to start at low and aim high. You may have to struggle a lot before you get the desired position. However, there are no specific qualifications you need to get into the field; just having the right personal skills will work.

Let’s have a look at few important aspects


There is no formal education that can help you in the industry. However, those that attend theatre and film arts classes or have studied business management have an edge over others. As a casting director, you have to well verse with the negotiation skills and also understand the complexities of working with union employees.

You can take acting classes to understand the acting process and recognizing the talent for better auditioning procedure.


Being a part of entertainment industry means that you have to start at the bottom. Look for an internship with the casting agencies or work under a casting director. Initially, you may have to work even as a low-level helper.

Experience is a must as no one will hire until your resume highlights work experience. Everybody looks for a professional not the one they have train prior giving work.

Networking is important

Make connections that can help you with your career. Your networking can help you create a niche for yourself in the industry. Also, it helps you to quickly and easily find the right actors for the roles.

Your personality

For the job you will need to have:

  • Excellent communications skills. You have to work with both insiders and outsiders. Your abilities will define the way you will be loved by the actors as well the directors.
  • Negotiation skills
  • Organizational qualities to make sure the project go on smoothly.
  • You have to be a perfectionist to make sure everything falls right on the place.
  • Patience

If you are looking to get entry into the profession, search for casting director workshops. There are many institutes that offer professional courses for aspiring candidates. Search for them online. Make sure the institute you choose is reputable, experienced and have a niche in the area. Inquire about the curriculum and then take your decision.

Berland Casting offers casting director workshops, Los Angeles. If you are interested in joining any of our workshops, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.