Deena Levy Theatre Studio


Taught by Terry Berland (Casting Director/CCDA)

Terry has taught her workshop “Acting in Television Commercials” in 50 cities throughout the country. It’s designed to enable you to give the small commercial space multiple dimensions and reveal depth and layers of your personality in less than 30 seconds.

Through becoming familiar with how to utilize space, beats, and moments, you will have control of your audition and be able to apply who you are and how you feel to any given situation. The end result will be a performance that is connected and involved in the scene, as opposed to a ‘sell.’ Terry casts commercials every day and she knows the elements of performance that books. She will give you solid tools to implement your craft. Knowing that every person is unique, she will find and cultivate your brand in this short format with principals that also apply to film and television auditions.

  • Make strong choices
  • Develop a confident approach
  • Advance past auditioning stumbling blocks/become fearless
  • Instantly analyze and effectively evaluate a script
  • Create a multi-dimensional character in 30 seconds
  • Create comedy in a limited space
  • Discover your own competitive edge
  • Explore and instantly utilize your unique self

The workshop completes with a New York City commercial agent who will host a Q&A. Each actor will have the opportunity to audition for the agent and receive one on one in-depth feedback.

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