Hi Terry,
Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I’ve had a 25% booking
rate since taking your class.  I truly credit your class 9YOU) for this.
Your class gave me permission to be myself in a way none has before.
And this has made all the difference.
~ K. Kensington

And I thought I was getting just a commercial workshop, well I got
more then that, Terry’s ability to show you how to use the camera space crossed over to my film career giving me an edge most actors don’t
know about.
~ S. Patrick

“I got my first agent at Terry’s workshop and soon after that I booked my first National Spot.  I have gotten over twenty-five national commercials since then and I recommend Terry’s workshop to everyone who asks me “how do you book so much?”.  Shooting a commercial is easy, getting a commercial is the challenge.  Terry will give you the tools, technique, and confidence to get the job. I can’t thank her enough for my career as a commercial actor”
~ L. Gowan

Terry Berland’s Auditioning for Commercials Workshop is more than a mere workshop it should be a prerequisite before any agent signs on a client. Ms. Berland Fully lays down the foundation of what it takes to “use the space” you are given and commit to making it your own. I not only attained commercial representation from an outstanding agency that attended the showcase on the sixth week, but I now have the confidence of a lion anytime I enter an audition.
Terry’s fantastic, her teaching style is so intuitive. She really works with you individually to find what your unique style is, and then helps you bring that uniqueness out in your audition. Terry’s class has been invaluable, I feel so much more confident walking into auditions.
~ Rich Wrightson

Terry Berland’s commercial workshop helped me take the guesswork out of auditioning. I now feel confident that I have the skills and knowledge to impress any casting director. Plus, she introduced me to a wonderful agent who sends me out all the time! Thanks so much Terry!                      
~ M. St. Clare

Taking your class has really paid off for me. I obtained commercial representation from what I learned in your course. Thanks for the help.
~ P. Livetle

Your class and your guidance gave me the technique and confidence to go out and sign with Baron Entertainment. Thank you for being both teacher and guardian angle the short time I have been in LA.
~ M. Carrera

Days after your workshop I got a callback and was told the director thought that I was the best actor in the lot.
~ J. Heileman

You gave me the confidence and knowledge to book my first commercial in
a while.
~ T. BurtaI

I booked two commercials after your workshop.
~ G. Forkel

I auditioned after your workshop, reviewed my notes and was thrilled to get my first callback ever.
~ C. Dunlap

Just after taking your first class I booked a national Long John’s Silver commercial. It was amazing, and every single class after that just got
better and better.
~ S. Arellano

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